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Our Home Grown Products


Enterprise In-Patient Care Management System, tracks and monitors the patients health and medication from admission to discharge for both surgical and non-surgical cases. Eases the life of Consultants, Resident Doctors and Nurses in managing case sheets.In the growing need for automation and usage of mobility solutions, Healthcare stands first. Tejasco has simply replaced pen and paper with digital ink and Tablet to introduce Medinfo-Tab to Healthcare industry..... More


Cloud based healthcare eco-system helps rural health care providers to utilize the technology for delivering their service effectively. Collects and track data to provide pro-active medication and treatment needs on the fly.Application would help to ensure tracking of beneficiary for proper health care and promote family planning methods being adopted by them,facilitates to ensure timely delivery of full competent of antenatal, postnatal & delivery services and tracking of children for complete immunization services.....More

Track Your Vitals

A unique app that keep track of your and your family's health and also helps to connect with your Doctor,Labs and Pharmacy.Track your vitals helps us to store ours and the entire families vitals and critical medical information with us always. Track your vitals lets you store all the medical information of yours and your other family members which you will need when you visit your doctor during illness or visit your pharmacy for medications or go to the lab for regular tests. Your vitals data like the Blood Pressure (BP), Pulse, Temperature, Glucose.....More


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