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KO Tab

Our KO-Tab software, Handwriting based digital KOT system for taking Kitchen Orders (KOT), which helps to reduce overall turnaround time required for table service and increases customer delight.

How It Works

It’s a very intelligent and customer centric solution which helps restaurants to attract their repeat customers which accounts to 70% of restaurants business. It integrates with any POS solution which is a major crowd puller. So you are using X today or Y tomorrow our solution remains the same. It helps to track customers important dates like birthday/anniversary to offer discounts and vouchers. Another way of up selling. Knowing customers previous orders and suggesting items as per the customers tastes is the greatest value add of our product which is an unique offering not seen in any of the solutions in the market. Ease of use by Captains and Stewards is the biggest USP of our product. Less than a day is taken for the restaurant staff to start using the tablet solution confidently.


Tablet Configuration

  • Android OS with ICS & above editions
  • 7 inch Tablet PC with Wi-fi
  • Screen resolution – 480 X 800
  • Network Thermal Printer

Key Features

  • Digital KOT transactions.
  • Handwriting based KOT printing.
  • Digital Menu.
  • Menu, KOT & Special information synchronization with existing POS billing software.
  • Easy tracking on Running and cancelled KOTs
  • Tracking customers food preference & ratings.

  • Customer feedback forms integrated for quick access and tamper proof data
  • Thank you notification to the guest & SMS alert to restaurant manager for poor customer feedback.
  • Capturing guest’s previous KOT for better customer service.
  • Anniversary & Birthday notification for cross & up sale.
  • Customer feedback report.
  • Supports counter based printing for multiple kitchen format.
  • Single click upload of Menu for standalone system.

1. What does each License Cost include?
» Each License Cost includes software, Integration to PMS/POS and 1 year of maintenance. So for example if the cost of each license is Rs. Y then the cost for 3 licenses would 3 x Y. So you would be getting three tablets with the software and case. We also offer Android 7 inch TABLET & Pouch along with Software License & Integration as complete kit.
2. Does the license cost include the Thermal Printer and Wifi router cost as well?
» No, it does not include the Thermal Printer and Wifi router cost.
3. What are the versions available?
There are two versions available
» Online Version – The tablet will be integrated with existing billing software.
» Offline Version – This works as a standalone POS with both KOT and Billing and so integration is not required..
4. Can this be integrated with an existing billing software?
Yes, the online Version will be integrated with billing software which do not have the following legacy databases.
» MS Access
» Postgre
5. What other infrastructure is required apart from the tablets?
The following infrastructure is required.
»Windows PC/Server with Pentium 4 processor, 2 GB RAM and a storage capacity of 300 GB.
» 3 inch Thermal Printers or Dot Matrix printer with auto cutter and LAN port (network port) are required for printing the order placed by the Captain in the Kitchen and the Steward Copy at the Billing Counter. If additional separate Kitchen or Bar is present you would need that many additional Printers.
» Wifi Router is required for the Tablets to interact with the Server so that the transactions are pushed to the server and is available across all tablets. It is also required for printing the KOT.
» Internet Connection – is required for using the features like Email notification to customer on feedback and SMS notification to Manager on Low feedback rating.
6. Can the final bill be printed in the tablet?
» The bill printing cannot be performed in the Online version as the billing is done through the Billing Software. The bill printing can be performed in the Offline version.
7. Does the application run on iOS or Windows OS tablets?
» The application runs only on a Android based tablets.
8. Which version of Android supports the application?
» The application can be run only on Android 4.0 (ICS) and above
9. Can the application font size be increased?
» The application font size can be increased in the tablet settings and not from the application software.
10. Can the KOT print font size be increased?
» The print font cannot be increased from the application software.
11. Can the hardware be procured separately from other sources?
» Yes, it can be procured based on the specifications provided by us.
12. Can the software be customizable?
» No, its a standard product which fits for all types of Restaurant Businesses except Self Service and Buffet.
13. Is there an option to add NC, Open Item or discount to the order?
» No, it cannot be added as it is a KOT system integrated with the Billing Software. The same can be handled in the billing software.
14. Will training be provided on the usage of the Software?
» Onsite half a day training will be provided on the software.